Outdoor Nudes Buns Up Style

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Buns up! Here is a nice outdoor nudes scene from 18Eighteen featuring the leggy teen babe Diana. This girl loves to get naked outdoors, because she is from a part of Russia that is cold most of the time, so getting naked under the sun is good, check out her story:

Diana is out for a picnic. But the only thing to munch on is her delicious, bald pussy. As you may remember from Diana’s first appearance in the Jan. ’13 issue, she enjoys spending time (and stripping down butt-naked) in the great outdoors. “It is always cold in Russia,” she told our photographer. “So whenever it is warm I try to spend as much time as possible outside. I like to go on picnics and long walks. If no one is around I will get naked and lie in the sun.”

When the weather is warm Diana will do more than just sun bathe. “I have had sex outdoors before. But I will only take off my clothes around someone that I know, not a stranger! From what my friends have told me, a lot of us Russians like to fuck outdoors when the sun is out and it is warm. The nice weather must make us want to take off our clothes! I find it exciting to do these things, but I’m sure our parents would not approve!”

Diana has fond memories of outdoor nudity. “The first time I had sex was by a lake with my English teacher. And then many times after that we fucked outdoors. I knew I wanted to take nude photos some time ago, and I waited till the Spring because I wanted them to be outdoors. I knew feeling the sun on my body would remind me of all the orgasms I had.”

This girl is sexy, she has super hot long legs, she loves to do outdoor nudes, and apparently she loves to fuck English guys! Oh yeah! I mean, this outdoor nudes shot shows off her sexy ass so well, I just want to run up behind her and start plowing her! It’s an amazing shot for sure!

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Natasha Belle Sexy Naked Outdoor Shots

Natasha Belle is one of those girls who is so hot, that you are amazed to find her getting naked on the internet. But hey, sometimes things work out just right, and we get to enjoy a stunning hotty showing off her sexy body outdoors. Natasha Belle is still a bit shy, so getting naked outdoors is a real thrill for her. You can tell from the sparkle in her eyes (and her hard nipples) that this girl is enjoying showing off her sexy body under the sun. A true stunner, this girl has got amazing firm tits, a natural smile, and an ass to die for.

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Teen Tiffani Lovely Gets Naked Outdoors

Damn, this girl is hot! I found sexy teen Tiffani Lovely at 18Eighteen, getting naked by the pool and really giving us a treat. This girl has got a stunning natural body, with firm teen tits, a tight little ass, and a sort of moon faced innocent look that is just so sexy. She’s wonderfully natural and cute from end to end, including her cotton panties with cherries on them (is that a clue?). She ends up totally naked, showing us her incredibly sexy body and sweet pink parts. She’s sexy from every angle, and I am sure her neighbors appreciate the show of her sexy teen body under the sun!

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Cameron Gets Naked and Masturbates Outdoors

Here’s one of those great outdoor nude sets that makes me wish I has this sort of view out of my back window. Cameron is quite the hotty, a blond with a nice natural body, smaller breasts, and a nicely shaved pussy. She isn’t shy to show it all off either, stripping down and really getting into it. Nice outdoor setting too, she uses that wood deck chair to good effect, fingering her pussy to a nice juicy cum from the front and the back. Can you imagine seeing her in your neighbors back yard doing that? How hot is that?

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